• You hear the sound of waves on the beach behind you.
  • You look up and see an unfamiliar sky.
  • You smell the unkempt grass beneath your feet.
  • You realise you have found yourself in the...
Look around

Behind you is a vast ocean bathed in an unfamilar purple, the sky is a light pink. Ahead, far in the distance up the grassy hill, you see a large building of modern contruction.

Take a moment

The air is a pleasant temperature. The breeze is welcome, almost warm, on your skin. ahhh...

Listen closely

Beyond the repitive hush of the waves behind you, you can just make out something ahead. Music, perhaps?

Congratulations, You have discovered a Tommyglyph! You'll find these hidden around the Tommyzone, each with a puzzle to solve. Here, you'll find some commentary on the development of the realm.