Welcome To My Cool Bionicle Fan Website!

Hi! My name is Tommy and this is my cool website I set up to talk about bionicles, which I think are really cool!

Here's my favorite bionicle. The original Pohatu! I think he's cool because he has big legs and can kick real good:

If you haven't played it already, I really recommend playing the old Bionicle flash games - they let you explore an open world and set up loads of Bionicle lore! You can download the game here!

I remember crying at the ending, but I was like 10 so maybe that's why. Or maybe it's just that good!

Update: In my searching for cool gifs I found this person on twitter who makes fan .gifs of this game!

I've currently got the full set of the original toa mata, and 4 out of 6 of the turaga. I'm only missing Whenua and Onua and then I'll be able to make the Turaga combo piece!

I really enjoy building these because it's super tactile and a good way to get away from screens. Sometimes I just take them apart and rebuild them, maybe see if I can do it blind!