• You hear the sound of the old one's breath in front of you.
  • You look up and see an unfamiliar gate.
  • You smell the unkempt grass beneath your feet, still.
  • You realise you have found yourself in the...


In the pokemon red rom hack known as "Pokemon Red: Little Cup", your pokemon are capped to level 5 and cannot gain experience, only knowing moves they would naturally have at that level or moves provided from TMs. However, Giovanni in the game corner secret base is not affected in the same way and still has his original team. This is expected to be a bug and can be circumvented by using the hitmonchan or hitmonlee from the fighting dojo, which are also unaffected by the hack, but that just feels like cheating, you know?


Is it possible to beat that fight using only the level 5 pokemon available to you? If so, how? If not, provide proof.

save states are fine

Look around

The old one's eyes are glazed over, as though someone is speaking through them.

Take a moment

You get the feeling that your disbelief is being suspended.

Listen closely

The unmistakable sound of ARG elements and unlockable content.