"I found one! I found one! A genuine tommyglyph! Look, look!"

Look around

The old one is trembling with excitement. They look at you occasionally.

Take a moment

They smell nothing like the mall.

Listen closely

They have a bit of a lisp.

Ask about the tommyglyph

"That strange white tablet beneath us! They started cropping up lately. Same time as that mall appeared actually. Can't understand 'em though. Say... you're new too."

Ask about the gate

"Yep. We're both locked out. I'm sure I have a key around here somewhere, but I'll need help with an oddly specific riddle first."


"Hey, I'm the one asking the riddles, buddy."

The people of The Tommyzone can acknowledge tommyglyphs, but they can't read them.

a shame, this one seems pretty excited about it