hey, you look like a gamer ! What's that? video games!? I don't care about those lame old things, I'm talking about role playing games. No limitations. You can be anything.

You can be anyone.

it's easy, dude(ette)(x). Just step inside one of our

Look around

The room is dark. Two spotlights at the far end of the store frame a pair of odd looking chairs. Upon closer inspection the chairs have headsets embedded. Are you supposed to lean into them?


A sign nearby depicts a young girl lost in an old mansion. As you approach the pod, you hear creaking floorboards, you smell old wood, you remember it is your 8th birthday.


A sign nearby depicts a man with bright blue hair slicing a robot in half using an... electric guitar? As you approach the pod, you hear energetic music that makes your blood tingle, you smell the stench of revolution, you remember that this is your last chance to slay the robotic overlord

Take a moment

The room reeks of sweat. You occasionally bump into headsets dangling from the ceiling by a thick cable chord. The smell grows stronger as the headsets grow closer.

Listen closely

Obnoxious arcadey music is blasting from the futuristic speakers, but that all seems to fade away when you approach the headset.